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Annual Return

The Companies (Alderney) Law, 1994 requires that every Alderney Company submits an annual return with the information current at the 1 January.  The fee for filing the annual return is £161.00 (payable to States of Alderney) provided that it is submitted by the 31 January, after which the pdf icon late filing fees [428kb] increase substantially for each calendar month that the annual return is delayed.

A company which fails to submit an annual return will be struck off unless an authorised person requests that it is held.

The information given on the annual return includes the names and residential addresses of all Directors and Members of the Company and issued and authorised share capital. Alderney companies are not required to file accounting information. The pdf icon annual return [307kb] must be signed by two Directors or one Director and the Secretary.

Where the particulars of a Company have not changed from one year to the next the Company can choose to complete an pdf icon abbreviated annual return [295kb].

msword icon Full Annual Return - Input Version [58kb]

msword icon Short Annual Return (No Changes Made) Input Version [34kb]