Alderney Court Office Resources

Court Office

The Court of Alderney generally sits on the first Thursday of every month, except during August. The Court can hear Civil and Criminal matters. For Civil matters the Court has unlimited jurisdiction and can hear any matter that has a sufficient connection to Alderney.

For Criminal matters the Court's jurisdiction is limited. Where a Criminal offence could result in a sentence of more than one year or a fine of more than £10,000 the Court will hear the facts to determine whether a "prima facie" case exists and then refer the matter to the Court in Guernsey for hearing.

The Court consists of six Jurats and a Chairman who are all members of the local community. The Jurats do not generally have legal qualifications and are advised on points of law by the Greffier, who is the Clerk to the Court.

Members of the public are able to attend any open Court session. When attending Court, whether as a member of the public or due to being involved in a Court case, there is an expectation that a suitable standard of dress is adhered to and mobile phones should be switched off. Children under the age of 14 may not attend Court.