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Registering a Birth


By law a child's birth should be registered within 30 days of the birth.

You can collect the required form(s) from the Alderney Court Office. Please fill in the form(s) and return to the Alderney Court office.

Married couples should fill in the Declaration of Birth Form with the child's chosen first name(s). For a child born to a married couple the father signs the Declaration of Birth form.

If you are not married then the mother signs the Declaration of Birth form. If you also want the father's name to be be entered on the Birth Certificate you need to fill in an additional Form, the Birth Acknowledgment Form.

Important note for unmarried couples: Entering the name of the father on the child's Birth Certificate means that the father automatically acquires pdf icon parental responsibility [81kb], as defined by the Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law, 2008.  

The Birth Acknowledgment Form has to be signed by both parents in front of the Court office staff, to show that you both agree to both parents being entered on the Birth Certificate.

Children born in Alderney

The birth is registered in the Alderney Birth Register and the Alderney Court office produces the Certificate of Birth.

Children born in Guernsey

Please return the form(s) to the Alderney Court office for us to forward to the Greffe in Guernsey.

The Birth is registered in the Guernsey Birth Register where the Certificate of Birth is produced.  A fee of £20 is payable for the Certificate of Birth, which can be paid at the Alderney Court office by cash or by cheque. The Guernsey Greffe will send the Certificate direct to the parent(s) at the address which you provide when filling out the form.

For enquiries regarding Certificates for children born in Guernsey please contact the Guernsey Greffe